Support new talent.

There’s often a barrier for entry for young black creatives in the entertainment industries. How can we hope to see more black talent, if we don’t give them the opportunities to refine their craft? Consider giving someone new a chance to pitch for a brief. The pitching experience alone, with constructive feedback, will help them on their journey to succeed.

On the first Monday of each month, this page will be updated to showcase different creatives that would value an extra consideration.

Pay a fair wage.

AmandaQ Art, Illustrator

Areas of interest: commercial, editorial, image licensing, book illustration

Opportunities sought: all areas


Dean Otusanya-Wood, Colourist & Director

Areas of interest: commercial, promo, features etc.

Opportunities sought: director & colourist briefs

Recent work:


Daniel, Photographer

Opportunities sought: photography, videography, DJing


Danny Usman, Focus Puller & Camera Assistant

Opportunities sought: commercials and branded video content

Recent work:


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